Happy Birthday Facebook – the social network turns ten

Facebook is celebrating its tenth birthday and has announced the launch of a new app, ‘Paper’. It has also released record figures for the quarter – quite a week for the world’s best known social network

Facebook Look Back

Facebook lets users look back at their time on the social network, as it celebrates its tenth birthday

Facebook was launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his Harvard college friends (as immortalised in film The Social Network) to connect students to their classmates. Ten years later it has over 1.2 billion users worldwide.

There is no doubt that Facebook has changed the way we communicate with friends, family and colleagues. But it has also irrevocably changed the way that businesses make money online. Without it, there certainly wouldn’t be such a need for social media marketing companies. Maybe I would be out of a job?!

Other networks are gaining millions upon millions of new users every year, and the critics think that the likes of Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ will soon become the first name in social media – but as of yet the giant remains unstoppable.

The top networks seem to welcome competition, yet cannibalise each other in equal measure. Twitter bought up Tweetdeck just as Facebook paid out £1bn for Instagram; but both allow and encourage connectivity and usage of other networks by their users.

As social networking sites continue to develop and change over the years to come, embracing and challenging competitors as they come at them, it is hard to imagine a social world without Facebook in it.

Check out your time on the network with the company’s nostalgic personalised videos for users, as a thank you from ‘Mark and the Facebook Team': facebook.com/lookback

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