Selling B2B advertising in the summer

B2B advertising campaigns in the summer – A statistical opportunity

Summer is a happy time of year, especially in the UK if the sun’s shining (yes it is belting it down with rain outside as I write).

On the whole, people are more sociable and, so the thinking goes, less focused on work as their minds are on holidays, beer gardens and barbecues at the weekend.

As a salesperson though, it’s traditionally not a great time of year. The reason for this – no one wants to advertise. That frustration can creep into sales meetings when we refer to the “quiet” or “tough” time of the year. It’s true as well, some clients will be on holiday, some will be distracted just thinking about their holiday and so will be caught up in the idea that it’s not a good time to advertise.

While it is undeniably difficult to accrue sales revenue, sales targets and the motivation to earn commission does not disappear! We don’t get different sales targets during July and August and we still are aiming to hit the same numbers as before.

This is where the negative theme of this blog comes to an end. To all our clients, advertisers and media agencies please note this – Summer being a quiet period is a myth!

Because many advertisers and agencies believe summer is a quiet period they then reduce activities during this period, when in fact they should be increasing it. It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy.

No, this is not just a new line in sales spiel, there is actual proof in statistics. I will use our new partner, Atom Content Marketing, as an example to make my point (and with a little help from data from Google Analytics).

Did you know that there was an 8% increase in website impressions in August compared to May last year on Believe it or not August is actually a busier month than others in the year.

The reasons for this? The 13% rise in mobile use during this period as well as a 10% increase in tablet use. Conclusions of this? Users are genuinely using their devices to visit the site whilst on holiday.

If you’re based in Paris, August is a terrible month to do business. The whole city literally shuts down to the point that you can’t go to a local bar and have a drink. In London though – who honestly takes an entire month off work?

My theory is that, while agencies and companies that advertise think of it as a quiet period, the people they are advertising to, users in the small business market, never really have a quiet period. I know a few entrepreneurs, and pretty much all of them find it hard to switch off as they always thinking about their business – even during the summer months and during holidays.

While people are away from day-to-day work they have a lot more time to reflect and think about strategy and other aspects of their business. They have time to take stock and think ahead. During the course of a busy day how much time does anyone allocate to long term thinking? The fact that mobile and tablet use increased, indicates even when away from the office people are still visiting B2B sites in droves.

So, in fact, as the statistics show, media campaigns in the summer are a hugely effective way to reach people. During the summer people are taking opportunity of the ‘lazy days’ in the sunshine to research and plan on their mobile and tablets.

Advertisers should use this opportunity to take advantage. Use the “break” to get ahead of the competition and make use of the available inventory to get exposure. In what is a very competitive market, while other people are sleeping, it’s a great opportunity to be proactive.

Any other business?

I wouldn’t want to finish this blog without properly introducing our new partner, Atom Content Marketing.

Atom are a bright, vibrant company famed for writing sparkling and readable SME content which is licensed to government organisations and banks such as HSBC and Santander. I’m really looking forward to working closely with them and successfully increasing their online revenue. Read more about the Donut websites in our Clients section.

To find out how you can start making more money from your website, please contact our Online Advertising Sales Team on

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