From Blog to Business with 5 Easy Tips to Make it Happen

In her first post for us, our new sales manager Simran Samra writes a blog about a blog – how ironic.

Fashion, business, food, beauty, technology, money-saving, art & culture – whatever the interest-point there is a sea of passion-point blogs out there. Think of anything you care about, enjoy, want to learn about, or just want to be entertained by and you will find it online. More and more people are using the freedom of the internet to create their own brands, some of which grow to rival well-established companies. 

Blogs can be created with money-making in mind, with the view of setting up a business; others are cultivated hobbies which have spiralled out of control into something above and beyond the blogger’s expectation. Whatever the reason, if you’re going to do it. Do it right.

This isn’t going to be an overnight, easy train to success. It takes the right tools, the right people, the right content and the right help to cultivate a stand-out blog that will be compelling and engaging in order for people to connect with you. People identify with brands and other people, so its important to always keep your target audience in mind. If people reach out to you, be responsive. My worst, personal experiences with bloggers are when I feel like they are untouchable and I can’t identify with them. Everyone wants to have a conversation with someone similar to themselves. This is what will make your blog likable and brand grow.

Blog to business success story

Ashleigh Money Saver, one of The Internet Works’ newest clients, is the tale of how one girl from the North-East went from sharing online to a fully fledged business.

When Ashleigh Swan lost her job, she had a young family to consider so naturally shopped around for the best deals. She came across some really great offers and started sharing them with her friends on Facebook. The response she got was extremely positive so she decided to start a Facebook page to share all her money saving tips and tricks, people clearly wanted more. The feedback was phenomenal and people loved hearing what she had to say. Ashleigh now has a Facebook following of 300K which is more than Queen Elizabeth, The One Show, and the UK Parliament.

The ‘Ashleigh Money Saver’ brand was acquired and a website was created for people to follow Ashleigh’s tips and engage with the brand she has created. The website attracts 2.5 million impressions per month and is continuously growing. She is also in demand for media appearances, writes a column for The Sunday Sun newspaper and has been awarded one of the Telegraph’s ‘Top 100 Britons’. Not bad for a girl who lost her job!

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is an overnight success story. Turning your blog into a business takes, time, effort and energy. There are many free and readily-available tools (like WordPress, Blogger, etc) to make your journey as seamless as possible, but what will really make your blog excel?

Here are 5 easy-to-follow tips on turning your blog into a business:

  1. You need to think of a goal for your blog, what is your primary purpose? Do you wish to position yourself as an expert? Gain a mailing list or a client base? This is super important and needs to be referred back to continuously, throughout the entire process.
  2. How well will your blog show up? Will it get lost as just another drop in the vast ocean that is the internet? You will need SEO to get more traffic and users to the website – otherwise your wonderful content is simply lost in Wonderland.
  3. Ad serving! It is wise to go into building your website with advertising in mind. We all know you won’t command millions in revenue as soon as you set things up but it is good to think ahead when it comes to hosting adverts on your page which will be useful to consider later down the line.
  4. Style, branding and design. This needs to be in keeping with your subject matter and always with your audience in mind. Consider that your personal creative design preferences may not be entirely inline with the image of the business that you are trying to create.
  5. Great content! This is so important. Remember to keep your goal in mind when creating content. You actually have to have a compelling read, otherwise nobody will come back. You’ve finally got someone’s interest; they visit your page expecting to see something of value, so that is what you must deliver! This will mean returning traffic and loyal readers sharing, responding, and recommending, which makes for an all-round happy experience.

Hopefully that’s got those blog cogs turning in the first step to helping you create the career you want, by turning your blog into a business, and who knows, with the right people helping you perhaps you could become the next Ashleigh Money Saver!

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Simran is an experienced sales manager who is looking after our client Ashleigh Money Saver. Sim is a massive fan of social media and loves journalism & blogging, so you may also catch her sitting with the SEO team learning new tips and tricks. You may also recognise her from Come Dine With Me!

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