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Full Service Digital Agency

The Internet Works is a full service digital agency, and Google Partner, run by passionate people, with a focus on online advertising sales and search engine optimisation (SEO). We’ve listed our key services below which cover ways that we can help you to grow and monetise your web traffic. If you have a growing web based business then you should get in touch for a conversation even if your immediate needs are not met by the services listed below.  We’re well connected and keen to help because we’re strong believers in the motto ‘what comes around, goes around’…


our services 

online ad sales

Do you want to make more money from your website? If so, you’re in the right place. Our experienced and well-connected web-based contract ad sales and business development teams will work as an extension of your company to help monetise your site in numerous different ways.


Search Engine Optimisation, aka Inbound Marketing, has become essential for any website to gain high placement in search engine results and attract more visitors – with over 80% of internet users only clicking on one of the first three results. We help companies and online businesses improve their rankings in search engines and increase their online visibility.

web apps

If Twitter, Facebook and other social media are just the tip of your strategic iceberg, and you have an idea for your own mobile or web apps, or in fact any digital dream, our techies can turn it into reality. With ever more users accessing the web through mobile or tablet devices, it is sensible to have a proper mobile strategy in place and not to see your mobile offering as an afterthought. We can work with you to talk through the options to cater for this growing market.

social media

Twitter, Facebook and other social media are crucial tools for engaging with potential and current customers, providing customer service, brand awareness and PR all rolled into a few hugely popular platforms. We can provide services from Ghost-Tweeting to helping you launch and run a broad social media strategy.

creative design

From eye-catching visuals, to responsive design that allows your website to function perfectly from desktop to tablet to mobile, the creative design team has all the skills to help your site succeed. And it’s not just websites we design. Our team can also put together email newsletters, and print artwork on request.

software development

Sometimes an idea for a new website requires more than just a bread ‘n’ butter website, but instead a complex web-based database structure, but still with all the jazzy customer facing site magic from our creative team.

event management

With a team made up of award-winning event producers, The Event Works will help build your business through an events strategy to suit your objectives. With the team’s expertise and experience, The Event Works can deliver events to a higher standard of event than your in-house resource, without the strength-sapping strains on your budget and time. As well as delivering awards, conferences, exhibitions and roadshows for clients, The Event Works also offers an event management service. Visit the website or get in contact with the team to find out more.

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