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Improve your website's SEO with quality written content

Quality written content is one of the very highest priorities of search engines today.

Producing a healthy flow of relevant and interesting copy is absolutely crucial. This will both interest potential customers and earn organic links from other sites and social sharing.

Content marketing has long been an important part of the inbound marketing armoury and The Internet Works SEO team has a devoted content writers to provide the necessary firepower for clients. Producing quality content to boost SEO is not just about keywords and links any more. You need to be interesting and relevant too, and we have a highly experienced content team who will give you just that.

why outsource your content? 

  • the right writers

    To produce a flow of engaging and targeted website content our content team employs journalists and copywriters. Versatile and experienced, they can write website articles and guides, blogs, news, press releases and advertising copy, of all shapes and sizes too, from long feature-length articles to Facebook updates – or work with our Social Media specialists help you choose the best photos of cats to tweet
  • copywriting not copy and paste

    Original content and copy is all that search engines want – anything copied or pinched from somebody else and pasted is being punished severely by Google and the other search engines
  • pringles

    Once you pop just can’t stop. You’ve got to keep adding new content as the more relevant and interesting words on your site the more there is for the search ‘spiders’ to crawl into and drag you up the rankings. As you can see from this site, we have lots to say
  • let’s correspond

    Want to read more? Please drop us a line

what better content can do for you  

The importance of content is a crucial lesson for all businesses who wish to achieve strong and long-term search engine rankings. A half-baked corporate blog will make little impact on the new tougher search algorithms and businesses need to deliver unique, relevant and regular content across several platforms to encourage social sharing and engagement. Resistance is futile and could prove seriously damaging to your marketing strategy.

“The single most significant trend is the continued emergence of content marketing as a standalone discipline. Content, in all its shapes and forms, is core to everything we do as marketers. There is now a widespread realisation that optimisation of all types of content…is absolutely critical.” – the influential Digital Trends survey from Adobe.

other services 


Search engine optimisation and content are inextricably linked. TIW can provide either, but we seriously recommend you use both.

social media

Likewise, social media is where the best content is shared and maybe even goes viral, building an awesome power into your marketing efforts.

software development

Goal tracking enables you to count numbers of document downloads, clicks on flash events, videos, etc

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