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Responsive website design and ad creation

For a website or mobile site to succeed, it should look great, stand out from the crowd, and above all else be user friendly. At The Internet Works, our team of graphic artists and user experience (UX) designers work together to bring your brand, your website and your business to life.

We balance technical functionality and visual elements to create an online presence that is usable and responsive to changing user needs across multiple device types, be they desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

how we work 

  • 1. What we do first

    Before we develop a wireframe concept design, we start with an initial design specification; we will create sketches for your idea. In these early stages, we establish what is important for your brand and what can be left behind.
  • 2. Next…

    Next, we will provide initial wireframes and mockups of branding, style guidelines and layouts. Once again, we will collaborate with you to produce something you’re happy with.
  • 3. Happy finish

    Finally, we will develop a wireframe template focused on usability, asking for your feedback to ensure everything is perfect before we provide a finished design and pass it on to our development team.
  • 4. So get in touch

    Drop us a line to find out how we might make your web dreams a reality.

User friendly web design, illustration and forward-thinking 

Our designers’ goal is to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible. We focus on user experience and the user interfaces (UI), without drawing unnecessary attention to the design itself. Building a user-centric web design begins with the gathering of client’s requirements and a picture of the target users. Once functionality and users are defined, The Internet Works models how information flows through the website by creating wireframes that build up an idea of the structure of the website, before we then test this functionality with prototypes. Client input and user testing help on these prototypes enable them to be developed and styled with the look and feel of the brand.

Responsive design is crucial today as mobile users can easily be lost if they arrive at a site which is not mobile-friendly.

related services 

user experience

User experience is a crucial subplot in the the creative story. UX design is all about finding different ways to make websites easy to use.

software development

Sometimes an idea for a new website requires more than just a bread ‘n’ butter website, but instead a complex web-based database structure, but still with all the jazzy customer facing site magic from our creative team.

mobile apps

If Twitter, Facebook and other social media are just the tip of your strategic iceberg, and you have an idea for your own mobile or web apps, or in fact any digital dream, our techies can turn it into reality. We can work with you to talk through the options to cater for this growing market.

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