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Connect with customers whether on mobile or tablet

With more and more users accessing the web through mobile or tablet devices, it is obviously sensible to have a proper mobile strategy in place and not to see your mobile offering as an afterthought. We can work with you to talk you through the options to cater for this growing market – depending on your sector, we have seen up to 35% of all traffic to a website coming from a mobile device.

Key features 

  • HTML5 and CSS3

    We are constantly training our developers to make best use of the latest standards-compliant technologies and techniques.
  • jQuery Mobile and Twitter Bootstrap

    Designing for mobile brings unique challenges and opportunities. We use a number of tools to make best use of touch interfaces.
  • Mobile strategy

    Drawing on our experiences from previous projects, why not use us to help you formulate a mobile strategy without any long term commitment or expense.
  • Device trends

    Do you know how many of your visitors are on a mobile device? Gartner predict that mobiles and tablets will outsell desktops eight-fold.
  • Apple or Android

    Whichever is your choice of mobile device platform, feel free to get in touch to chat through your ideas and how we can help.

Mobile app development 

At a minimum, we suggest that clients have a website that is sympathetic to the size of the user’s screen. The easiest way of doing this is to build a ‘responsive’ website front-end in HTML5 that uses media queries to adapt how the pages are rendered on different screen sizes. This way, you cater for desktops, mobiles and devices without having to build separate apps or sites for all the numerous devices and platforms that are being launched all the time.

Other cost-effective options include converting HTML into mobile apps using tools such as PhoneGap or Trigger.IO. These allow one app to be built and then deployed to the Apple, Google and Windows app stores. We have successfully employed this technique on a number of recent projects.

Whether you are just starting out with your mobile strategy or just need development resource, get in touch with our team today.

A retail case study: “Modern retailers are investing more in their mobile commerce storefronts, whether that is browser or app. More effort is being put into user interface, the user journey, the payment experience and so on making it a far more pleasurable experience for customers who are using the mobile services.

Other services 

Software development

Whether you have a new idea for a website or have an existing site that needs updating, new features added or maybe your application is beginning to struggle under heavy load, our London-based technical team are here to help.  We have worked on projects with start-ups through to multi-national companies so no project is too big or small.


Mobile is revolutionising the way people search. While this doesn’t make previous SEO work redundant, it does mean some tweaking to optimise content for mobile users. Our SEO team can work on-page, or behind the scenes to re-engineer your content for an increasingly mobile customer base.

Creative design

Our design team balance technical functionality and visual elements to create a online presence that is usable and responsive to changing user needs across multiple device types, be they desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

Our software clients