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Business participation in social media has moved beyond simple corporate blogs. Customer service, improving brand awareness, competitive intelligence and product research are now all conducted on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. A coherent social media strategy is required by businesses if they are to understand the conversations around their brands and to have a unified online presence.

There’s no quick fix approach to building relationships with your customer community and putting an effective social media strategy in place takes time. TIW can help manage your online profiles, engage with your customers, and advise on strategies to maximize the return on your social media investment. We can take over the whole social operation too: running your accounts across some or all the relevant platforms ghost tweeting, the lot.

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  • twitter

    Choose which social media you are going to focus on. Building relationships with your customer or client community takes time and there’s no quick fix approach to an effective social media strategy…
  • google+

    Google’s own network is increasingly important – don’t worry that not that many people really uses it yet. Build it and they will come – especially if Google makes them…
  • facebook

    52% of b2b marketers say that coming up with suitable engaging content is the biggest problem with social media – we can work with you to generate a great strategy that we can manage for you or to energise your marketing team…
  • linkedIn

    LinkedIn is the top social media for b2b users. It’s not just an online CV – there are many more ways for companies to make use of this business network…
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    Drop us a line and we can get social.

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If you haven’t thought about using social, consider these facts. Social media can be used as an inexpensive channel to deliver a wide range of strategic aims. Businesses of all sizes are already using social for brand awareness, customer retention and loyalty through direct conversation and engagement, lead generation and customer acquisition, together with thought leadership. Social can also be used to measure data too, such as web traffic, sales lead quality and quantity, qualitative customer feedback and provide a link with SEO tracking.


“…frequently shared content increasingly correlates with good rankings…”

according to the new 2013 Searchmetrics study of 300,000 websites, social sharing behaviour has become a hugely strong catalyst to high search engine results

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If a more prominent online presence is your aim, then search engine optimisation (SEO) is the most effective way of boosting your search engine rankings, tying together with social media perfectly.

web design

If your site is looking a bit tired, it might strike a discordant note with your fresh social media approach – and so a creative refresh might be due. Our web design team can give your online presence whatever sprucing up it needs.


If Twitter, Facebook and other social media are just the tip of your strategic iceberg, and you have an idea for your own mobile or web apps, or in fact any digital dream, our techies can turn it into reality.

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