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Integrate your business with the web

Whether you have a new idea for a website or have an existing site that needs a design refresh, new features added or maybe your application is beginning to struggle under heavy load, our London-based technical team are here to help. We have worked on projects with start-ups through to multi-national companies so no project is too big or small, but either way, we always develop projects in the most cost-effective way possible so that you get the most out of your development budget and bring your project in on time.

Key features 

  • Mobile/tablet friendly design

    Using media queries to make responsive HTML5 designs, our websites render perfectly on all types of mobile and tablet devices.
  • WordPress, Drupal and Magento

    Either from scratch or for working on an existing project, we have experience of many popular frameworks.
  • Open-source development

    We develop using open-sources code with PHP/MySQL running on Linux and often make use of Elastic Search and Memcached for high performance sites.
  • Cloud-based hosting

    Most of our projects are hosted ‘in the cloud’ and we make use of Amazon and Rackspace for their storage or processing power.
  • Automated testing

    We are big believers in testing and ideally automated unit and regression testing to give everyone confidence in site stability.
  • Monitoring and analytics

    There’s no point just guessing what your visitors are doing – we install and actively analyse the actual usage of your site in order to make improvements.
  • Emergency assistance?!

    Your website is your primary route to market and if it’s not running properly you can’t serve customers. TIW knows that getting your website and data back up and running is a priority. We also can assist in traffic management issues, load balancing and server migrations. Our system administrators are on call. Any time, any day.

Your business, your customers 

We have wire-framing business analysts who can help you to articulate your requirements. Our User Experience (UX) experts will ensure that the site is laid out in the most logical and user-friendly way and the design team will make it look wow. The developers and database administrators will bring the whole thing to life and not forgetting our testers and hosting team that will keep your site running 24/7.

We can work with you every step of the way, as our development lifecycle is based on Agile methodology to ensures that our clients are up-to-date with the project progress and are continuously involved to ensure accurate delivery. Using agile methodology strengthens communication and ensures continuous feedback with clients, thus giving them complete control over budgets.

Website evaluations. We offer website evaluations for businesses interested in internet security, performance and user experience. Receive specific recommendations for your programmers. Improve your users’ experience and protect against hacking. As part of this free offer you will receive a report covering: security, hackability speed, performance, EU e-Privacy Directive (cookies) compliance, legacy code & cross browser compatibility, user interface code validation (xhtml, css and javascript). Find out more about our evaluation services here.

Related services 

mobile apps

With ever more users accessing the web through mobile or tablet devices, it is sensible to have a proper mobile strategy in place and not to see your mobile offering as an afterthought. We can work with you to talk through the options to cater for this growing market.


Mobile is revolutionising the way people search. While this doesn’t make previous SEO work redundant, it does mean some tweaking to optimise content for mobile users. Our SEO team can work on-page, or behind the scenes to re-engineer your content for an increasingly mobile customer base.

Creative design

Our design team balance technical functionality and visual elements to create a online presence that is usable and responsive to changing user needs across multiple device types, be they desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

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