website evaluations

The Internet Works offers website evaluations for businesses.

We offer website evaluations for businesses interested in internet security, performance and user experience. Receive specific recommendations for your programmers. Improve your users’ experience and protect against hacking.

You’ll receive 

  • Security

    A report covering details about security and hackability…
  • Performance

    Also speed and performance…
  • Privacy

    Your site’s compliance with the EU e-Privacy Directive on cookies…
  • Legacy issues

    The report will also look at legacy code and cross browser compatibility…
  • Code

    We will also check and verify user interface code validation (xhtml, css and javascript)
  • Contact us

    If you’ve been noticing little niggles that might hint at broader problems under your site’s bonnet, then contact us today.

Emergency assistance?! 

Hosting issues? Lost your data? Been hacked?

Your website is your primary route to market and if it’s not running properly you can’t serve customers. TIW knows that getting your website and data back up and running is a priority. We also can assist in traffic management issues, load balancing and server migrations.

Our system administrators are on call. Any time, any day.